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Voice Actors wanted for Melbourne-based student Interactive Narrative

Hi, I'm Shelley a Masters of Animation, Games Design and Interactivity student.

I'm looking to cast 2 voice actors for 2 roles in an Interactive Narrative, this job is unpaid and as such best suited for actors looking to build thier folio. Below are brief descirptions of the two voice roles, please note that while some gendered terms are used I am very open to interpretation, as such there is no age or gender restriction on these roles:

The roles - 

Role 1 - Prophet: Motherly figure, with a very trusting and calm voice. They have ulterior motives but are attempting to coerce the player to follow them through kindness and reassurance.

Role 2 - Spirit: Playful, joker with a very childish demeanor. Is a spirit of forest and air and speaks in a flighy manner but is overall a friendly character. NOTE: Due to the nature of this character it's very important to me that their voice is not annoying to listen to for lengths of time (ie. not too high pitched or squeaky! Think mice from Disney's Snow White, so annoying!)

Please note both of these characters have no physical in-game presence, the Prophet speaks directly into the player's head and the Spirit is incorporeal. The voices drive most of the narrative and since there is nothing visually for the player to go off your acting skills will be vitally important to build the personality of the characters and the mood of the scene!!

Logistics - 

When - This project is just for this semester of university in Australia. The recording period is from the 18/9/2017 to the 5/10/2017. Earlier is always better for me. There is approximately 10 minutes or less of dialogue per character. Once we have made contact and compared availabilities I will send a more detailed schedule, it will likely be a few hours on a few days of recording.

Where - I am situated in Melbourne city, and have access to sound-proofed recording space in RMIT University in the Swanston St campus, if needed! However, I am happy to work with you remotely if you have access to your own recording equipment (with detailed consoltation I may be able to pay to rent recording space in your area where possible).

The story -

So, I am making an interactive narrative which is basically a video game except more story and less gameplay. This story is of a nameless main character who is called by a Prophet to a great yet unclear destiny. A menacing hoard of voices chases the hero through a forest where they can choose to follow the Prophet or prehaps stumble upon other denizens of the forest. Ultimately the voices will lead them to an overgrown graveyard and the object of their fate.

If you are interested/curious I can send you a copy of the script upon request!

What's in this for you - 

I'm very sorry that I cannot pay you, but this is a solo student project that has $0 budget.

What I can give you is a completed work that will showcase your voice! You'll get a copy of the completed project and I'm happy to edit it down to suit your folio needs.

Also, if you don't normally have access to a sound-proofed recording booth, I am happy to book it for an hour or two extra for you to record some extra tracks! ;)

Please contact me FIRST for a copy of the script, THEN send me other examples of your voice AND a recording of your interpretation of the role you are applying for(or both)!

Shelley's email -


Monday 18 September, 2017
Sunday 5 November, 2017
RMIT University
Venue Address
Cnr Swanston St and LaTrobe St

Melbourne, Melbourne