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Bella Union Productions

AUDITION - The Terminativity


Book by Nick Caddaye

Music & Lyrics by Casey Bennetto

Director - Nick Caddaye

Director’s Assistant / Casting Co-Ordinator – Julz Hay

Musical Director – Casey Bennetto

Production Manager – Julz Hay


Originally produced in 2010, The Terminativity returns 11th - 17th December 2017!

Written by Nick Caddaye and Helpmann Award-winner Casey Bennetto (Keating! The Musical), The Terminativity is a deeply silly musical-pantomime-yuletide-comedy combining the stories of the Terminator and The Nativity to riotous, crowd-pleasing effect.

Initially staged as a one-off performance in 2010, it sold-out on short return season in 2011.

The production seeks the performers to fill the following roles. Specific information about vocal abilities can be found below, and all performers must have intermediate dance skills and crack comic timing.

MARY Female, any age.

Mary is the feisty, loveable center of our show. She deeply loves her husband Joseph, but craves new adventure. She just didn't expect it to come in the form of an unstoppable killing-machine from the future. Mezzo-soprano range (the role as written runs A3 to D5), though the style is pop/contemporary. A rock belt in the upper range is useful.

JOSEPH Male, any age.

Joseph is a thoroughly decent bloke, and the kind of guy for whom life turned out just fine (he went into the family business, and married the girl he loved since the minute he met her). Unfortunately, an unstoppable killing-machine from the future has appeared and messed it all up. Tenor range (the role is B2 to a full voice A4 with some falsetto to be going on with), rock/soul/gospel styles.

GABRIEL Any Gender, any age.

One-part arch-angel, one-part Kyle Reese, Gabriel is the action hero of our story. Gabriel has travelled back in time to protect Mary, but that’s as far as the planning went. Now they’re on the run from an unstoppable killing-machine from the future, and making it all up as they go along. Tenor/high tenor range for male (G3 to Bb4), contralto or mezz for female, soul/gospel useful (it's an angel thing).

T800 Male, any age – performer must be physically imposing.

Our villain, the aforementioned unstoppable killing-machine from the future. The Terminator looms large over the story, even though he doesn’t actually appear that often. The T800 has a vocal solo, limited dialogue and must, ideally, be able to do the robot. It's a tenor role as written, though basses/baritones etc are welcome – an octave shift is a possibility – and the style could be anything from opera to soul to rock power-balladry.

SWING PERFORMER 1 – Shepherd, Psychiatrist, Wise Man

SWING PERFORMER 2 – Shepherd, Officer Gary/Garry, Wise Man

SWING PERFORMER 3 – Shepherd, Police Sergeant, Wise Man

Any Gender, any age.

We are seeking three performers to play multiple smaller roles throughout the production. These performers have the most challenging parts, having to establish excellent comic chemistry between themselves and the principals. We require excellent character skills and are ideally looking for funny people who sing and dance well. Music styles run from New Orleans to old-school hip-hop to Broadway.


Performers must prepare a short comic monologue. They will also be required to take direction and perform a short scene during their audition, that will be provided on the day. We also require the preparation of a contemporary pop or rock song as part of the audition (please provide your own backing track if required).

Vocal auditions will be held at Bella Union on the 17-18 August.

Dance call-backs will be 21-22 Aug.

Email to secure your spot.


Wednesday 12 July, 2017
Friday 11 August, 2017
Alex Theatre
Venue Address
St Kilda

Melbourne, Melbourne