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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Be a part of the Vestige Performances at Casula Powerhouse's Blake Day

Do you need to say a final farewell to a broken friendship or relationship? 

Have you resigned or been fired from your job? Perhaps you have suffered an illness or injury; mastectomy; menopause?

Vestige is a collaboration with the public to design and perform personalised memorial ceremonies for losses that do not involve death. 

Your Vestige service could commemorate love, or hate. You could say goodbye to an estranged family member; a band breaking up or TV show ending. Services might be conceived to farewell lost or broken belongings; the end of the weekend or a holiday; or even finishing reading a terrible novel.

Participants will be invited to burn, destroy, dismantle, or even to scrub clean an object of evocative value; the remains of which will be placed in an urn for them to keep or discard in a location of their choosing.

Part collaborative performance art, part ritual theatre, Vestige will offer participants the chance to say a proper goodbye to something they have lost.

To register your interest, please complete a short questionnaire about your loss here:

Vestige Participant Questionnaire


Monday 14 May, 2018
Sunday 3 June, 2018
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
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1 Powerhouse Rd

New South Wales, Casula

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