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Spark Youth Theatre

Spark Youth Theatre's Artist XChange is providing FREE SPACE to THEATRE ARTISTS.

Spark Youth Theatre is both a new and old(ish) company. Ashfield Youth Theatre spent 16 years serving its community, but, like any good teenager, we’ve had an identity crisis and decided to become Spark Youth Theatre. Spark wishes to extend the artistic interests AYT was known for, expand into more professional arenas and light a fire of imagination, collaboration and experimentation.

Spark Youth Theatre is funded by the Inner West Council and is the only permanent performance outlet for young people in the area. Spark is guided by the values of curiosity, diversity, relevance and imagination and continues to create work driven by, for and about young people.

In 2014, the Artist Xchange Program was created as a way to support local theatre artists. By understanding the abundance of performance in Sydney and the lack of free space to accommodate this, the Artist Xchange exists to fill this gap. We know there is a huge amount of training and experience these artists can give to young people and believe that a strong and diverse artistic landscape is created through conversation.

So basically, we give you space, you give us some workshops. Simple!

The Artist Xchange program has provided space for all kinds of works, artists and companies, including: A Reef on a Keef, Lighten Up! (Griffin Independent); Hurrah Hurrah Theatre, Samantha Young, SuperHal! (NIDA Parade Theatres), Alice Williams, A Glorious Thing Theatre, Pricilla Jackman and more.

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Applications close APRIL 5TH!


Wednesday 15 March, 2017
Wednesday 5 April, 2017
Spark Youth Theatre
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New South Wales, Sydney

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