Auditions in Brisbane for ‘Rome Sweet Rome’

Rome Sweet Rome

Auditions for the upcoming Theatre Restaurant at Act1 theatre “Rome Sweet Rome” will be held on Sunday June 24th at 10am.

Location: Act1 theatre on Gympie Rd at Strathpine.

Director Colin Russell is looking for enthusiastic people to fill a number of roles in this very funny and entertaining musical play including the following –

Nero – Emperor of Rome (childish, peevish, vain),

Mangulus and Strangulus (dumb gladiators),

Littilus Wimpus (another gladiator, somewhat pathetic but like…able hero),

Cupid (a baby God. Mischievous matchmaker),

Cassandra (Eccentric soothsayer),

Tartina (Nero’s dominating mother),

Amnesia (forgetful keeper of the Temple maidens),

Muesli, Purina, Just Right (Temple Maidens)

Boadacia (Fierce Warrior Queen),

Venus (Beautiful Goddess of Love),

Matron ( Brisk overseer of the House of the Afflicted)

plus other assorted minor roles some of which will be doubled up.

Ages are from 18 yrs up to and including more mature actors/actresses.

Performances will be over 3 weekends from August 31st through to September the 15th with a matinee performance on Sunday the 11th at 2pm.

Audition will be quite informal with readings from the script and any questions or queries can be addressed to the director Colin Russell either by email at or on mobile 0417637317.


Sunday 24 June, 2018
Sunday 24 June, 2018
Act 1 Theatre Inc
Venue Address
238 Gympie Rd, Strathpine QLD 4500, Australia

Queensland, Brisbane