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For an emerging artist, having someone to learn from, provide guidance and invaluable advice can be a career changing opportunity. The Helpmann Academy Elevate Mentorship Program provides these opportunities by facilitating one-on-one relationships with established artists, allowing emerging artists to develop their professional practice through further learning, development of skills, advice and networking.

The Elevate Mentorship Program is a valuable way to build on an emerging career by providing knowledge and experience beyond study, at a point of transition and exploration.

The mentorship structure can vary considerably depending on the goals of the mentee and what the mentor can offer. Applications should include a proposal outlining how the mentorship will be structured and what the expected outcomes will be.

Examples of how a mentorship can be structured include:

  • Studio visits, allowing for hands-on development of skills and observational learning
  • Development sessions for a dance, music or theatre work
  • Film script development and advice on editing a film
  • Advice on mounting an exhibition
  • Assistance with establishing the business and practical side of an arts practice

Since 2002, the Helpmann Academy has facilitated nearly 200 mentorships for South Australian artists. Over the years, mentors have included film and television personalities such as Mary Coustas, Noni Hazlehurst and comedian Tom Gleisner, photographers Deborah Paauwe and Mark Kimber, visual artists Hossein Valamanesh, Helen Fuller and Marise Maas, ceramicists Kirsten Coelho and Akio Takamori, glass artist David Reekie, choreographers Amanda Phillips and Kate Champion, as well as South Australian Film Corporation audio mixer Pete Smith.

The Elevate Mentorship Program is supported by a generous group of donors. If you would like to support an emerging artist to undertake a mentorship, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. 

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