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A New Brain (Expired)


By the Tony Award-winning composer of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Falsettos, this fast-paced, surreal and irreverent musical follows Gordon, a struggling songwriter who undergoes a life changing medical emergency. Ambitious and still awaiting his big break, Gordon reluctantly composes songs for Mr. Bungee, a popular children’s television character when he collapses during a meeting with his agent and awakens in the hospital, surrounded by his mother, lover and hospital staff. While Gordon Lies hallucinating in the hospital and undergoing various tests, Mr. Bungee manifests as a spectral green frog who taunts him about his mediocre career, feeding off his growing doubts about his artistic ability. As medical emergency turns to near death experience, Gordon, his family and his friends are forced to grapple with how they process loss.

A story about a man who learns to appreciate the life he has, rather than the life he thinks he deserves.

Performance Dates

Friday 19th, Saturday 20th (incl. matinee), Sunday 21st JANUARY 2018

Rehearsals will commence part-time from OCT 2017 until opening night on JAN 2018.

Weekly rehearsal times will be finalized around the work commitments of the cast and creative team where possible, HOWEVER those auditioning should expect to make themselves as available as possible in the evenings and over the weekends over OCT, NOV, DEC. There will be approximately 2 rehearsals scheduled per week.

There will be an intensive period of full-time rehearsal and tech during JAN in the lead up to opening night on Jan 19th.

Those auditioning should expect to become familiar with their part during SEP should they be offered a role.

Audition Dates

1st round auditions will be held SEP 8th – 10th 
in the Performing Arts Centre at
Camberwell Grammar School 
(55 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury)

Audition Process
Those interested should:

1.   Contact Jemima, our production managerby clicking the REQUEST AN AUDITION button
OR emailing directly at

2.   Bring two contrasting songs + sheet musicin any style that showcases your singing interests and vocal range.

3.   A copy of your headshot + CV

4.   Arrive at the PHILLIPS ROOM 10 minutes prior
so that you can read through any scene material supplied on the day

*Actors may be called back for further auditions after SEP 10TH.

Character Descriptions 

Gordon Michael Schwinn
Male Lead (Tenor)
An aspiring stage composer who has become so neurotically focused on the success and failure of his career that he has little time for others and has developed writers block.

Homeless Lady
Female (Mezzo-Soprano)
Unrelated to most of the main plot but acting as a greek chorus of sorts, this homeless drug addict provides a surprisingly wise voice of reason.

Mr. Bungee / The minister
Male (Baritone/Tenor)
Both the egotistical children’s entertainer Gordon reluctantly writes songs for and the spectral green frog he plays on his television show.

Female (Soprano)
Gordon’s agent. Fond of Gordon but often egging his neurosis on, more interested in what he can write for her to sell, rather than his overall wellbeing.

Male (Baritone)

Self styled the ‘nice nurse’, Richard is camp and bitchy but forms emotional connections with those in his care that border on the inappropriate.

Nancy D / Waitress
Female (Soprano)
Known as the ‘thin nurse’, Nancy wants to be thought of as nice but really she is blunt, abrupt and feels nothing for those in her care.

Dr. Jafar Berensteiner
Male (Baritone)
The quintessential surgeon – egotistical, oblivious to the feelings of patients and a shameless self-promoter.

Mimi Schwinn
Female (Mezzo-Soprano)
An aging single parent, Gordon’s mother, Mimi still holds her son as close as he will allow.

Male (Baritone)
Gordon’s charming lover and partner, Roger remains calm, patient and self-less even as Gordon speaks to him rudely, questions his loyalty and pushes him away.


Friday 8 September, 2017
Sunday 10 September, 2017
Camberwell Grammar School
Venue Address
55 Mont Albert Road

Victoria, Melbourne