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All Things Considered (Expired)

Author: Ben Brown

Director: Deborah Fabbro

Enquiries: Email: 
Phone: 0416 141 838

Characters Summary: 4M (40-50s), 3F (20s-40s)

Characters: DAVID FREEMAN: Professor of Philosophy, 49, world weary 

RONNIE DRAKE: Professor of English, 40-50, ladies man 

BOB: Electrician, 40-50s, down-to-earth 

LAURA BOOTH: American, mid 20s, attractive, Counsellor at Berkeley 

TOM: Chaplain, 40-50s, measured, well meaning 

MARGARET: Librarian, 40s, modest, 

JOANNA SMART: Journalist, late 20s, strong and forthright

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Guide Hall 
Glebe Ave 
(off Charman Rd)

Theatre: Shirley Burke Theatre 
64 Parkers Road 

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: David Freeman, a professor of philosophy about to reach fifty, is tired of life. His only desire now is to control the timing and manner of his death. His plans for “self-deliverance”, however, are disturbed by the earthly demands of people around him. His friend, Ronnie, facing dismissal over an affair with a student, needs his support; Laura, an American with unorthodox views on “organ distribution”, wants to talk kidneys; Margaret, the librarian, wants his love; and Joanna, an abrasive journalist, hounds him for his views on his ex-wife’s unsparing autobiography. Does David get to carry out his plan or does he have reason to or is he persuaded to change his mind?

Other Information: Information for prospective auditionees: 
English accents required except for Laura who is American 
It is highly desirable that anyone wishing to audition should know the play well enough to be able to describe the “story” and to have some clear idea of the role or roles for which they wish to audition. 
Routine rehearsals will be 7.30–10.00pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and 1.30pm–5.00pm Sunday afternoons commencing 25 February 2018. Actors need to be able to commit unconditionally not only for an entire performance season but also for all scheduled rehearsals at which their attendance is required.


Sunday 11 February, 2018
Tuesday 13 February, 2018
Guide Hall
Venue Address
Glebe Ave

Victoria, Melbourne