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Audition for 'Disgust' (Expired)


Written by Kat Moritz

Directed by Eryn Kimberley

Presented by La Mama Theatre

A love story

Theatre isn’t a mirror. It’s a microscope. Disgust puts the reality of love under the microscope, depicting love as it is without apology.

Writer Kat Moritz’s lyrical text and director Eryn Kimberley’s sparse but powerful staging will create a compelling production that uses the space between the words to unravel the complexities of love.

As Billy and Alex look back on a dinner party, their recollections diverge, revealing that love is a complex organism. As the ambiguity of the text plays out layers of perception are both peeled back and multiplied, making it hard to tell what is fantasy, what is real – and what is love.

Audiences will be challenged by the text’s ambiguities, and the interplay of imagined, artificial and real spaces. The staging of the production will show that where we sit and how we perceive determines the reality being provoked. Disgust is an experience that leads us to that juxtaposition of possibilities and realities.


A married couple, Billy and Alex, early to mid 40s.

Our production is seeking actors who can embrace the challenge of being a vital part of the work’s breadth and meaning. Both writer and director want to create a production that uses the text as a platform, building on the embodied experiences of the cast to reveal its reality. The text is the core of the production but not its straitjacket.

Actors with experience in embodiment techniques will find this advantageous but these are not a prerequisite. We are looking for artists who are willing to meet the challenge of working within a laboratory style process that encompasses training in awareness of the interplay of internal and external states to facilitate the development of text and action.

Expressions of Interest

Please submit a link to your CV, headshot and showreel via email to  A copy of the script will be emailed to you.  If you wish to request an audition you will need to provide your availability for the audition days and times listed below no later than Friday 11 May.


Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May 2pm-10pm. Auditions will be 90 minutes in duration with no preparation required.


120 hours from June to August to be scheduled around the availability of the ensemble.


23 August to 2 September 2018 at La Mama Theatre.

Disgust is an unfunded profit-share production


Friday 4 May, 2018
Friday 11 May, 2018
St Luke's Anglican Church
Venue Address
210 Dorcas St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Victoria, Melbourne