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Auditions for 'Pack of Lies'

Author: Hugh Whitemore

Director: Cheryl Ballantine Richards

Enquiries: 0412 133 071 or

Characters Summary: 3M(40s-60s), 5F(17-40s)

BOB - 40’s. Works in Air Speed Research 
BARBARA - 40’s Bob’s Wife 
JULIE - Bob & Barbara’s daughter. Julie is 17 to 18 years. Student. 
HELEN - 40’s. American. Bob & Barbara’s neighbour & Barbara’s best friend. 
PETER - About 50. American. Helen’s husband. Book seller. 
STEWART - Middle aged. Could be mistaken for a successful provincial Solicitor. 
THELMA - Late 20’s. Ex regular army. Motor bike rider. 
SALLY - About 30. Pleasant girl. Middle class.

Precast Characters: None.

Audition Venue: Guide Hall, Glebe Ave, Cheltenham (off Charman Rd)

Theatre: Shirley Burke Theatre 
64 Parkers Rd 

Company Email:

Company Website:

Based on a true story from the 1960’s spy revelations and associated hysteria, the play takes place in a suburb of London and centres around a nice middle-aged English couple, Bob and Barbara Jackson and their teenage daughter, Julie. The Jacksons have their lives disrupted when they are asked to help ‘the authorities’ by using their house as an observation post to make a surveillance of the neighbourhood. The Jacksons feel the tension as their privacy is invaded and they are asked to betray their neighbours.

Other Information: Accents required. 
Please contact the Director for a copy of the script.


Sunday 24 June, 2018
Tuesday 26 June, 2018
Guide Hall
Venue Address
Glebe Ave, Cheltenham (off Charman Rd)

Victoria, Melbourne