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Encore Theatre Inc.

Auditions for 'Speaking in Tongues'

Author: Andrew Bovell

Director: Louise Woodward

Enquiries: 0416 777 356

Characters Summary: 5M (30-45, 3x25-40, 35-50) 
4F (30s-40s, 2x25-40, 35-50)

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Fleigner Hall 
31 – 39 Highland Ave 
Oakleigh East VIC 3166

Theatre: Clayton Community Centre 
9 – 15 Cooke Street 
Clayton VIC 3168

Company Website:

Synopsis: Andrew Bovell's Speaking in Tongues is a play about the rights and wrongs of emotional conduct and marital infidelity. Featuring multiple narratives, Speaking in Tongues explores how intimate bonds are broken while new ones are formed between strangers. 

Comprising of three parts, the play begins with two married couples (Pete and Jane, and Leon and Sonja) embarking on one-night stands: Pete with Sonja, and Leon with Jane. Although Leon and Jane carry through with the infidelity where Pete and Sonja don't, both couples echo each others’ dialogue. 

Parts two and three introduce a new set of characters (some connected with the previous characters); Neil, Sarah, Valerie, Nick and John. These characters, presented through a change in format, cohabit the stage together, but largely exist within their own narratives. 

This production of Speaking in Tongues will utilize 8 actors who will each have a singular role (except for John which will be doubled with another role), and will also function as an ensemble for the section/s where their role does not feature. Therefore all cast will be onstage for the entire duration of the play. 

The ensemble will serve to move the multifunctional set, create the ‘soundscape’ of the play, as well as creating visual vignettes and interacting with the action. Therefore we are looking to cast actors who enjoy creating collaboratively, enjoy working with movement/physicality, and enjoy working with voice (one singer would be also be of great benefit). NB You do not have to be proficient in all of these areas but will need a willingness to explore them. 

There is opportunity to be an ensemble member only if interested.

Other Information: Auditions will be a group format where you will be asked to read scenes with others, as well as create ensemble work within small groups. Please be prepared to read for the characters you wish to be considered for, as well as others as needed. You are not required to prepare anything to present, but familiarity with the audition pieces and the play will be of great benefit to you 

Please allow for a few hours as we will need to audition people for both the speaking roles as well as ensemble capabilities.


Sunday 15 July, 2018
Monday 16 July, 2018
Fleigner Hall
Venue Address
Highland Ave, Oakleigh East VIC 3166, Australia

Victoria, Melbourne