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Author: Michael Gow

Director: Tim Scott

Enquiries: 0414 687 158

Characters Summary: 5M, 5F


Tom (18+, playing late teens): son of Harry and Vic; ideally of slender build, he is suffering from a terminal illness. 

Meg (18+, playing late teens): daughter of Jim and Gwen; uncomplicated and innocent but with an underlying strength. 

Harry (playing early 40s): Tom's father, thoughtful and considerate. 

Vic (playing early 40s): Tom's mother, always wanting to be positie and make the most of things. 

Gwen (playing early 40s): Meg's mother, narky an keen to have everything in its place as she sees it 

Jim (playing early 40s): Meg's father, quiet and self-effacing, accustomed to letting Gwen make the rules 

Roy (playing early 50s): Principal of Tom and Meg's school, serious, tries to contain his grief about his dead son and manage his wife's behaviour 

Coral (playing early 50s): Roy's wife, having great difficulty coming to terms with the death of her son 

Rick (playing 20s): a young man on his honeymoon; also doubles as MC 

Leonie (playing 30s/40s): a woman Coral meets on holiday; also doubles as Miss Latrobe

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Fleigner Hall 
31 Highland Ave 
Oakleigh East VIC 3166

Theatre: Clayton Community Centre Theatrette 
9 Cooke Street 
Clayton VIC

Company Website:

Synopsis: Set in the late 1960s, Gow’s characters are very Australian and familiar, but his 
preoccupations are universal. 

Three families set out separately on their summer holiday. Each faces challenges: School Principal Roy and wife Coral have lost their son in the Vietnam War; English immigrants Harry and Vic are trying to deal with the burden of their son Tom’s cancer; Gwen attempts to control all aspects of the lives of husband Jim and daughter Meg and in doing so risks the family’s unity. 

The three families find themselves thrown together after a storm and in sharing others’ pains discover new ways forward for themselves. Inviting both laughter and tears, the play does not offer easy answers but affirms its essential humanity. 

This will be an ensemble cast, with some doubling and all cast members involved at different stages as “fairies” and campers, as well as sharing movement of limited set and props.

Other Information: AUDITION DETAILS: 

Format will be Group auditions. You will be asked to read one or more scenes from the play. Scripts will be provided at the audition. Be prepared to stay for a couple of hours if needed. 

To book an audition and to assist with planning, please email the director and 
nominate which session you wish to attend ( 

It is expected that everyone auditioning will be familiar with the play; a copy of the script can be purchased online from Australian Plays; pdf copy also available 
(see below) 

If you are interested in a particular part, please indicate that in your email. 

Please bring to the audition a non-returnable, recent headshot (passport-size is ideal) with your name written on the back. 

Audition forms and a pdf of the play will be emailed when applications are received; 
the forms should be completed prior to the audition and brought to the session; spare 
copies will be available at the audition. 

Accents: Harry and Vic need northern England accents; the rest Australian 

Please note that actors intending to audition should be at least 18 years of age on or before 1 February 2018.


Sunday 3 December, 2017
Monday 4 December, 2017
Fleigner Hall
Venue Address
31 Highland Ave

Victoria, Melbourne