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Becky's New Car (Expired)

Author: Steven Dietz

Director: Louise Woodward

Enquiries: 0416 777 356 - call for information on audition content and for an audition time.

Characters Summary: 1 F (40-55)


Becky, a middle aged mum finds herself in a bit of a life rut; her grown son still at home, her middle management job going nowhere, and her marriage on cruise control. All of which is about to drastically change as she unwittingly gets swept away on the ride of her life. 

Becky is a demanding, challenging role, the sort of which doesn't pop up too often. Not only is the part large in size (including large monologues) but it is also large in scope, needing a blend of naturalism, comic timing, dramatic vulnerability as well as having direct interaction with the audience. 
This is a real showcase of a part for an actress who is willing to do the work and is up for a challenge. 

Audition Venue: Red Earth Theatre @ Mooroolbark Community Centre 
125 Bryce Ave Mooroolbark

Theatre: Red Earth Theatre @ Mooroolbark Community Centre 
125 Bryce Ave Mooroolbark


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Synopsis: Come meet Becky. The perfect, if somewhat ill prepared hostess who is set to drive you along this thoroughly original comedy, in a way in which most plays wouldn't dare. 
This is Becky's story, Becky's play, Becky's car and she's going to drive it her way, over the bumps and far away....

Other Information: This audition is for the role of Becky only (all other characters to be auditioned in July). 

This is to allow some extra time for learning lines as there is an expectation that a section of lines are to be learnt before rehearsals commence.


Monday 24 April, 2017
Monday 24 April, 2017
Red Earth Theatre @ Mooroolbark Community Centre
Venue Address
125 Bryce Ave

Victoria, Melbourne