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Becky's New Car

Author: Steven Dietz

Director: Louise Woodward

Enquiries: 0416 777 356

Characters Summary: 4 M 
2 F

Characters: Joe Foster (40-55) - Becky's salt of the earth husband who may have gone a little bland 

Chris Foster (20s) - Becky and Joe's son, a psychology student with no plans to move out of home anytime soon 

Walter Flood (50-60) - A widowed, wealthy business man, charismatic in his vulnerability. 

Steve (40-60) - Becky's co-worker, also widowed but with less charm and more slide shows. 

Kensington Flood (20s) - Walter's vivacious daughter with a zest for life and love. 

Ginger (50-60) - a neighbour of Walter's with a dwindling trust fund. 

Precast Characters: Auditions for the character of Becky to be held on the 24th April (check the separate listing for info). 

Audition Venue: Red Earth Theatre @ Mooroolbark Community Centre 
125 Bryce Ave Mooroolbark

Theatre: Red Earth Theatre @ Mooroolbark Community Centre 
125 Bryce Ave Mooroolbark

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Come meet Becky. The perfect, if somewhat ill prepared hostess who is set to drive you along this thoroughly original comedy, in a way in which most plays wouldn't dare. 
Caught in middle age, middle management and a marriage on cruise control, Becky is about to take the ride of her life. Make that, lives. 

Other Information: There will be an open reading of the play on 13th July at 7pm for anyone interested to attend.


Thursday 20 July, 2017
Thursday 20 July, 2017
Red Earth Theatre @ Mooroolbark Community Centre
Venue Address
125 Bryce Ave

Victoria, Melbourne