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The Basin Theatre Group

Burke's Company (Expired)

Author: Bill Reed
Director: Graham Fly

Enquiries: Graham Fly 0408 511 355 or

Characters Summary: 9M(20-50)
Characters: The cast is all Male, 9 players in all. 

As the Advance party: 

Burke aged 40 -50 – leader of the expedition, confident, larger than life, eloquent, bold 
Wills aged early 40s – second in command, the navigator, details man, scientist, younger that Burke 
King aged 20 – 30 – youngest member of the party, young, keen, impressionable, loyal to Burke and Wills 

Coopers Creek party: 

Brahe ( pronounced Bray) aged 35 – 45 – guilt ridden, frightened, corrupt, leader of party. 
McDonough aged 35 – 45 – Able pragmatic, officious, efficient 
Patton aged 30s – victim of malnutrition in the party, will die weak, sick –minor but important role. 

Dost Mahomet aged indeterminate – in charge of the main party at Menindee Afghan camel handler, man of few words, must portray his control of his animals, important minor role. 

Wright aged 30 – 40 – logical man, hard, self-interested - corrupts Brahe 
Wheeler aged 30 – 40 - doctor in rescue party, efficient, pragmatic, some compassion 

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: The Basin Theatre 
Corner Simpsons & Doongalla Roads 
The Basin VIC

Theatre: The Basin Theatre 
Corner Simpsons & Doongalla Roads 
The Basin VIC

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Synopsis: This is not one of Shakespeare’s “history” plays but, alternately, one of Bill Reed’s “history” plays. 

It is a drama concerning the ill-fated 1860 expedition of Burke and Wills, the first explorers to cross the continent from South to North. It ended in tragedy where all but one of the advance party that struck out from Coopers Creek perished through a series of misfortunes and the extreme desert conditions that the expedition encountered. 

The play won much kudos when it appeared in 1968 as performed by The Melbourne Theatre Company under the direction of George Ogilvie. 

Other Information: We conducted a reading at The Basin Theatre on 20th February. It gave a strong impression as to how this play will attract keen interest from a public familiar with this part of Victoria’s history. 

We are looking for an ensemble cast to bring this highly respected drama to a new audience. The playwright is most enthusiastic about this project. 

If interested, please contact the director, Graham Fly on 0408 511 355 or by email on 

We look forward to your calls so that scripts can be distributed for study prior to auditions. 

Auditions will be held during the week commencing 12 March 2018. 


Monday 12 March, 2018
Monday 12 March, 2018
The Basin Theatre
Venue Address
&, Simpsons Road, Doongalla Rd, The Basin VIC 3154,

Victoria, *