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Author: Donald McDonald

Director: Lorraine Millar

Characters Summary: 3M (late 30s) 
3F (lates 30s, early 20s)

Characters: Penny Robinson (late 30’s) – proud caravan owner 

Parkes Robinson (late 30’s) – quiet, keen to keep the peace 

Rodney Rice (late 30’s) – intellectual 

Monica Rice (late 30’s) - snooty 

Pierce (late 30’s) – never married, many short term relationships 

Gwendolyn (early 20’s) – younger girlfriend of Pierce 

Precast Characters: Nil

Audition Venue: Wantirna Primary School 
120 Mountain Hwy, Wantirna VIC 3152

Theatre: Doncaster Playhouse 
679 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster, Vic, 3108

Company Email:

Company Website:

Synopsis: Caravan takes a lighthearted look at friendship, age and holidays you should never have. Five best friends, nudging forty and hating it, take their first holiday together in a caravan. One of them brings along his new, and all-too-young girlfriend, who threatens the holiday from the start. In the confined space of a caravan, tensions rise and the laughs begin. 

Other Information: Production Team 
Director: Lorraine Millar 
Production Manager: Kath Faichney 

Sunday 28 May 2017 (10:00am – 4:00pm) 

Audition Venue 
Wantirna Primary School 
120 Mountain Hwy, Wantirna VIC 3152 

Call Backs 
Tuesday 30th May 2017 (7:00pm – 10:00pm) 
Wednesday 31st May 2017 (7:00pm – 10:00pm) 

Audition bookings will be taken online: 

For further enquiries, please email 

Audition Requirements 
All auditionees should prepare one comedic monologue for their audition. It is not expected that you will have memorised the monologue for the audition. You will also be asked to read from the Caravan script which will be given to you at the audition. 

Bring a clear non-returnable head shot of yourself. 

You may prepare a CV of your training and experience. Please provide details of acting training. If you don’t prepare a CV you will be asked to write these details on the audition form. 

The audition should take approximately 10 minutes. 

Important Dates 

Meet and Greet 
Friday 3rd June 2017 
Location TBC 

First Rehearsal 
Wednesday 14th June 

Wednesday (7.00pm-9:00pm) 
Sunday (10:00am-2:00pm) 

Rehearsals will be held at Wantirna Primary School 

Production Week and Performances 
Sunday 13 August 2017 – Bump In 
Monday 14 August 2017 – Technical Rehearsal 
Tuesday 15 August 2017 – Dress Rehearsal 
Wednesday 16 August 2017 – Dress Rehearsal 
Thursday 17 August 2017 – Performance (Opening Night) 
Friday 18 August 2017 – Performance 
Saturday 19 August 2017 – Performance 
Thursday 24 August 2017 – Performance 
Friday 25 August 2017 – Performance 
Saturday August 26 2017 – Performance


Sunday 28 May, 2017
Sunday 28 May, 2017
Wantirna Primary School
Venue Address
120 Mountain Hwy

Victoria, Melbourne