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Chaim's Love Song

Author: Marvin Chernoff

Director: Geoff Hickey

Enquiries: 9874 1571

Characters Summary: 3xM (30's - 70's) 
4xF (30's - 70's)


Chaim: retired mailman - aged 74 
Kelly Burke: school teacher aged 30's 
Oscar Birnbaum: Chaim's close friend aged 75 
Reuben Shotsky: Chaim's son aged 30's 
Rachel Shotsky: Chaim's married daughter aged 30's 
I'zwawrah Shotsky: Chaim'e wife aged 65 
Pearl Brisistsky: Yiddish Matchmaker aged 50's 

Audition Venue: The 1812 Theatre 
3-5 Rose Street 
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Theatre: The 1812 Theatre

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Synopsis: Chaim Shotsky, a retired mailman in Brooklyn, is an American Tevye who tells his life story to Kelly Burke from Iowa. His exotic tale is rich 
with vitality. His friends include a philosophical baker, a Holocaust survivor with many secrets, his son and daughter, a matchmaker to end all matchmakers, movie star pigeons and a host of Israelis.Chaim’s life story takes us on a journey to discover what and who are valuable in life. 
The play starts with Kelly Burke, a displaced Iowan, sitting on a park bench writing in her journal. But Kelly has settled in the park to 
which Chaim Shotsky comes everyday to feed his feathered friends.Eventually, through stories and memories, Chaim brings Kelly into his world. Once she is there, Chaim leads her to explore the 
important questions about life, love and the stories we all have to tell. 

Other Information: Audition by appointment with the director. 
American accents are required for the audition. 
NOTE: email only between 3/11/17 & 23/11/17. 


Sunday 17 December, 2017
Monday 18 December, 2017
The 1812 Theatre
Venue Address
3-5 Rose Street

Victoria, Melbourne