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Friday Magic - BTC Youth Production

Author: Hayley Lawson-Smith

Director: Pedro Ramos

Characters Summary: 12 roles

Characters: This is an ensemble play. All roles are significant and receive about equal stage and speech time. 

All actors should be approx 16-25 years old. No prior experience required. 

WOLDOLFA (F or M): The big, bad wolf - principal of the high school. She is commanding, intimidating, imposing and bossy, but genuinely cares about the reputation of her school and students. 

SPARKLES (F or M): The fairy godfather - new substitute drama teacher. He is fabulous and cheerful, but well-composed. Witty and clever, preferring the indirect approach. 

AURORA (F): The princess - tough-talking school rebel. She is straight-talking, no-nonsense, with a disdain for authority. Yet she is loyal and fiercely determined. 

KEVIN (M): The knight - high-achieving school champ. Well meaning and good-natured, he stands up for others but never stands up for himself, giving in to pressures. 

DANIEL (M): The ugly duckling - new kid in school. Overly trusting, naive, and nervous. What he lacks in self-confidence he makes up for in good intentions. 

THE CHORUS (7 roles, M or F) - Seven mischievous, opportunistic students who are always together and always out for themselves, happy to take advantage of any situation or anyone. They each have a specific personality trait, similar to the Seven Dwarves.

Precast Characters: none

Audition Venue: Brighton Theatre Company 
Cnr Wilson and Carpenter Streets, Brighton, VIC 
(Inside Brighton Town Hall)

Theatre: Brighton Theatre Company 

Performance dates: 
December 14-17, 2017 
5 shows (3 @7pm, 1 @2pm, 1 @4pm)


Company Website:

Synopsis: When the big, bad Wolf is the principal of a high school, the only chance to save the school arts program is the new substitute drama teacher – the fabulous Fairy Godfather! 

Take all your classic fairy tale characters and flip them on their heads in this magical new comedy by one of Bayside’s most talented emerging writers. Will the new ugly duckling student and the school champ get expelled for following their dreams? Can the rebellious, tough-talking princess save the day? Is there ever really such a thing as too much glitter?!

Other Information: Please contact the Director, Pedro Ramos on for a copy of the script and to book an audition slot. 

*Production crew spots (light, sound, costumes, etc) are also available for those in the 16-25 age range. Please contact the Director.*


Saturday 23 September, 2017
Monday 25 September, 2017
Brighton Theatre Company
Venue Address
Cnr Wilson and Carpenter Streets

Victoria, Melbourne