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Little Box of Oblivion

Author: Stephen Bean

Director: Susan Rundle

Enquiries: 0439311428

Characters Summary: Characters: Cool Guy - level headed and objective with a cynical wit 
Woman - 'flappy' in character. Must have green hair! 
Neurotic - compulsive obsessive 
Doom Merchant - dour, humourless. (If young, dress as a 'Goth'. If older, dress as an 'Anorak') 
Amateur Sleuth - has been reading too many cheap detective novels, a 'Bogart' 

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Mechanics' Inst Hall,Yarra St, Warrandyte

Theatre: Mechanics' Inst Hall,Yarra St, Warrandyte

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Synopsis: A Cool Guy is about to read his newspaper on a park bench when a woman leaves a box next to him with the instructions not to touch or move or open it. She leaves before he can protest. A variety of characters arrive each with a new theory as to the box's contents. A severed head, a bomb, biologically dangerous chemicals. An absurd play which will be suitable for young actors.

Other Information: We hope to specifically target youth actors 16-25 with this play but we are flexible. 
This play is one of four making up our season of OAPs.


Sunday 21 January, 2018
Thursday 25 January, 2018
Mechanics' Inst Hall
Venue Address
Yarra St

Victoria, Melbourne