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Mr Bailey's Minder

Author: Debra Oswald

Director: Deborah Fabbro

Enquiries: Director: 0416 141 838

Characters Summary: 2M (60+, 30) 2F(20s, 30s)


Therese – mid 20s streetwise, boisterous, defensive, volatile 

Margo - late 30s executive businesswoman – brittle 

Leo - late 60s artist – volatile, shows signs of years of boozing 

*Gavin - 30s con man – suave, smooth 

*Karl - about 30 tradesman – gentle, polite 

*Note – same actor to play both Gavin and Karl

Audition Venue: Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 Albert St, Williamstown VIC 3016

Theatre: Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 Albert St, Williamstown VIC 3016

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Synopsis: Leo paints ordinary stuff and ordinary people but his picture'll make them look special - make them beautiful and glowing and - But it's not tizzying things up. It's like Leo can see the specialness inside a thing so when a person looks at the painting they can see it too. 

Abusive, cantankerous and burned out by booze, Leo Bailey is one of Australia's national treasures. A gifted painter and chronic alcoholic, he can no longer take care of himself. His resentful daughter has been through a succession of minders, until Therese comes along, fresh out of jail and determined to make a go of her limited options. 

MR BAILEY'S MINDER is a tough, funny and big-hearted play. It's about shame and judgment, about who deserves to be loved and forgiven. It looks at how people exploit each other and where they find the beauty; and the qualities of transcendence, letting go and forgiveness.

Other Information: Auditions by appointment only. To make an appointment or enquiry, please contact Deborah: 0416 141 838 

Those attending an audition are requested to bring an audition form downloaded from, together with a non returnable headshot (need not be a studio shot).


Thursday 19 October, 2017
Friday 20 October, 2017
Williamstown Little Theatre
Venue Address
2 Albert St

Victoria, Melbourne

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