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Never The Sinner

Author: John Logan

Director: Geoff Hickey

Enquiries: 98741571

Characters Summary: 6 x M (18 - 60's) 
1 x F (20's- 30's)


Leopold: Academic, intelligent, romantic. 

Loeb: Highly intellectual student. 

Darrow: Old roaring lion, still fighting (60's) 

Crowe:Lawyer/ politician, intelligent. 

Reporter 1: Old seasoned reporter, also plays Doc Hulbert - forensic psychiatrist.And the Bailiff. 

Reporter 2: Young gossip reporter also plays/ Germaine Rheinhardt (flapper girl) 

Reporter 3: Tabloid journalist/ also plays Doc White, expert witness & Sgt Gentile.

Audition Venue: The 1812 Theatre 
3-5 Rose Street 
Upper Ferntree Gully 3156 
74 - F6

Theatre: The 1812 Theatre 
3-5 Rose Street 
Upper Ferntree Gully 
74 - F6

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Synopsis: Chicago, May 21, 1924. Nathan Leopold Jr., age 18, and Robert Loeb,age 19, killed 14 year old Bobby Franks and were quickly apprehended when Leopold's glasses were found near the corpse.Clarence Darrow 
defended them,pleading eloquently against capital 
punishment. Why would wealthy young men murder an innocent boy? What demons lurked behind Leob's 
flashing good looks? Behind Leopold's saturnine intellect?

Other Information: American Accents required. 
Auditions By Appointment Only. Call Geoff Hickey. 
Actors On stage for the entire duration of the play.


Sunday 28 May, 2017
Sunday 28 May, 2017
The 1812 Theatre
Venue Address
3-5 Rose Street

Victoria, Melbourne