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Rock of Ages

8-16th September 2017 @ the Doncaster Playhouse
This raucous jukebox musical features a soundtrack of rock hits from the 1980s. The spirited romp across the Sunset Strip invites audience members to lose themselves in a nostalgic, rock-and-roll world of big hair and acid-washed denim.

Production Team: Director/Choreographer – Renée Maloney
Musical Director – John Clancy

Audition Requirements:

  • Please prepare two contrasting songs showcasing your vocal range (one ballad, one up-tempo). Males please note that it is very important to showcase your range as many of the songs are quite high.
  • Songs should be in the style of the show but not from the show. Please be aware that due to time being very limited, you may not complete your song, so choose an appropriate starting point.
  • A headshot must be provided at the audition
  • Part of the audition may require a vocal range test and a dialogue read (these will be available at the venue prior to auditions)
  • All roles, including non-dance roles, will be required to attend the Dance/Movement audition.
    Please wear appropriate and comfortable clothes and shoes (preferably jazz shoes for movement).

Audition Booking Line: or 9012 5897

Audition Venue: Phoenix HQ – Leeds Street, East Doncaster

Audition Dates: Vocal Auditions
Monday 22nd May 7.30pm – 10:30pm
Monday 29th May 7.30pm – 10:30pm

Dance Audition (compulsory for all)
Thursday 25th May from 7.30-9.30

Callbacks (if required): Tuesday 30th May from 7.30pm

Rehearsal Info: First Rehearsal – Thursday 1st June @ 7.30pm
Rehearsal Days – Monday and Thursday (7:30pm – 10.30pm) and
Sunday (1:00pm – 5:30)

Character Descriptions
All ages are approximate and based on look, not actual age.

DREW (Vocal Range: Bb3-D5)
Early 20’s A classic musical theatre archetype – Handsome, good-guy rocker with great, easy comedic timing, a boyish charm, vulnerability and a very strong rock tenor voice.

LONNY (Vocal Range: D3-D5)
Male 20’s – 40’s The narrator of the piece, charming, mischievous, welcoming, vibrant personality, a guy who would be fun to spend one drunken night with.

DENNIS DUPREE (Vocal Range: D3-G4)
Male 30’s – 50’s Classic stoner type guy who runs the famous Bourbon Room club.

STACEE JAXX (Vocal Range: C3-Eb5)
Male 30’s – 40’s A sexy rock star. Decided to leave his successful hair/metal-rock band to try it solo.

HERTZ KLINEMANN (Vocal Range: F3-G#4)
Male 40’s An attractive older German male. Uptight, cold, intimidating businessman trying to buy up the Strip to develop it.

FRANZ KLINEMANN (Vocal Range: Db3-E5)
Male 20’s Hertz’s son, young German male. Works for his father but not by choice.

SHERRIE (Vocal Range: G3-F5)
Female Early 20’s Pretty, fresh faced, innocent Midwestern girl stepping right off the bus into a new world to pursue her dreams of stardom.

Female 30’s – 50’s Strong presence, an easy sensuality about her, once a performer now the owner of the Venus-A-Go-Go Dance Club where Sherrie ends up working.

REGINA (Vocal Range: A3-Eb5)
Female 20’s-30’s A fun, hippie type, earthy girl who fights against the attempted take-over of The Strip.

MAYOR / JA’KEITH (Vocal Range: D3-84)
Male 30’s-50’s MAYOR – Chooses the money over the music and is more than willing to sell himself/herself and his/her city out to the highest bidder.

JA’KEITH – He becomes Drew’s agent and in the process, destroys Drew’s rock star dreams by forcing Drew to join a boy band.

JOEY PRIMO – A young male with the rocker sensibility, strong rock tenor and strong /dance/movement ability.

CONSTANCE – Reporter assigned to interview Stacee Jaxx. Will also appear as a member of the ensemble.

CANDI – Male cross dressing dancer or female with low voice with strong stage presence

SLEAZY PRODUCER (Male or Female) – Sleazy movie producer who is a customer at the Venus Club.

PROTESTOR #1 (PAMELA) – Female 30’s-50’s Regina’s protesting buddy.



Monday 22 May, 2017
Monday 29 May, 2017
Phoenix HQ
Venue Address
Leeds Street

Victoria, Melbourne