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The Seafarer (Expired)

Author: Conor McPherson

Director: Bruce Akers

Enquiries: 0432 984 781

Characters Summary: 5 M (40s-60s)


Please note: the ages are indicative only 

James "Sharky" Harkin. Forties/ Fifties. 
Fisherman/van driver/chauffeur. Aiming to get through the Christmas period alcohol- free. His brother's carer. "A very tough life is etched on his face". 
Visibly showing the effects of a recent bar fight. 

Richard Harkin. Fifties/ Sixties. 
Sharky's older brother, recently gone blind. Unshaven, alcoholic, argumentative.Loves a drink and a card game. Sociable but constantly at odds with Sharky. 
The brothers have a wholly disfunctional, passive- aggressive relationship. 

Ivan Curry. Forties/ Fifties. 
An old friend of the brothers. Big, burly man. Naturally friendly, a follower, always losing his glasses. 

Nicky Gilbin. Forties/ Fifties. 
A friend of Richard. Rival of Sharky for the affections of Sharky's ex-wife. Nervy, skinny, gregarious. 

Mr Lockhart. Fifties. 
Commanding nature. Game player. Mysterious. A man of refined appearance. Elegantly dressed but can be frightening once the fa�ade is dropped. 

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Williamstown Little Theatre 
2 Albert Street, Williamstown

Theatre: Williamstown Little Theatre 
2 Albert Street, Williamstown

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Synopsis: It is Christmas Eve in Baldoyle, a coastal suburb north of Dublin. James "Sharky" Harkin, erstwhile fisherman/van driver/ chauffeur, finds himself reluctantly hosting old friends at the dingy house he shares with his brother, Richard, who has recently gone blind.A source of early conflict stems from Richard inviting Nicky Gilbin - Sharky's rival for his ex-wife - to join the men for a "friendly" game of poker. Trusted ally, Ivan, is to make up the numbers. 

Nicky unexpectedly arrives with the mysterious Mr. Lockhart, a man of refined appearance. A lot of booze and card playing carry the men into Christmas Day, when Sharky must face up to the grim promise he made decades ago. 

Other Information: Auditions by appointment only: contact until May 2 and thereafter or 0432 984 781 
Bring audition form downloaded from WLT website auditions page, plus non returnable headshot. 

Rehearsal days will be Tues/Thurs 7-10.30 pm, Friday as required, Sundays 1-6 pm


Sunday 2 July, 2017
Monday 3 July, 2017
Williamstown Little Theatre
Venue Address
2 Albert Street

Victoria, Melbourne