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Author: John Doyle

Director: Ruth Richter

Enquiries: 0409801063 - Ruth, Director or ... 
0439311428 (Adrian Rice) Pres. WTC

Characters Summary: Multiple dual + roles possible 
Ages below are quite specific but there is flexibility depending on clever casting! 

Depending on interest we may modify the doubling of roles 

VERE   62 Professors of Physics 
MARISSA 39 Neurologist/ MELISSA 39 Interior Designer/ Caterer 39 
SIMON  39 42 Physics Lecturer/SCOTT 42 Economist 
RALPH  58 Vice Chancellor / ROGER 58 Vicar 
KATE  40 Physics Lecturer/ KATHERINE 40 Housewife 
GINA 20 Student/ GIANNA 20 Student / Imagined HOLLY 
MIKE 21Physics Tutor/ MICHAEL 21 Student

Characters: Scott is Vere’s son 
Melissa is Scott’s wife Vere’s daughter in law) 
Michael is Scott and Melissa’s son (Vere’s grandson) 
Katherine is Roger’s wife and Gianna is their daughter

Precast Characters: None

Audition Venue: Mechanics' Inst Hall, Yarra St, Warrandyte

Theatre: Mechanics' Inst Hall, Yarra St, Warrandyte

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Synopsis: In John Doyle's play Vere (Faith), the battle of science versus religion is fought out in the crumbling mind of a physics professor (Vere) as he succumbs to Alzheimers. The stars have certainly aligned as part of the action involves Vere travelling to CERN to hunt for the fundamental particle, the Higgs boson. The play is both uproariously funny and deeply poignant.


Sunday 10 June, 2018
Tuesday 12 June, 2018
Mechanics' Inst Hall
Venue Address
Yarra St

Victoria, Melbourne