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SNOOPY - The Musical

Author: Charles M. Shultz

Director: Danny Forward

Enquiries: 0424333222 
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Characters Summary: All Cast must be 18 plus- 4 M 3 F

Characters: SNOOPY (M) (Vocal range: A3-Ab5): A charismatic, imaginative and good-natured beagle, who can also on occasion be selfish, gluttonous and lazy. 

CHARLIE BROWN (M) (Vocal range: B3-A5): A lovable loser, often nervous and lacking confidence, but occasionally showing an optimistic attitude. 

SALLY BROWN (F) (Vocal range: Ab3-A5): Charlie Brown’s good-hearted, sweet and innocent little sister. 

LUCY VAN PELT (F) (Vocal range: Gb3-F5): Self-confident and, although often bossy and antagonistic, still has a fondness for her brother and friends. 

LINUS VAN PELT (M) (Vocal range: B3-G5): Blanket-holding/thumb-sucking philosopher, intelligent and wise beyond his years. 

PEPPERMINT PATTY (F) (Vocal range: G3-Ab5): Laid-back, athletic, not- terribly-bright tomboy. 

WOODSTOCK (M/F) (Non-speaking/non-singing): Snoopy’s best friend and sidekick, devoted and incredibly accident-prone.

Audition Venue: St Augustine's Anglican Church 90-92 Como Parade W Mentone on the 8th August and Beaumaris Theatre 82 Wells Road Beaumaris on 9th August

Theatre: Beaumaris Theatre 
82 Wells Road Beaumaris


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Based on the world renowned Peanuts comic strip, this rarely performed sequel to YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN sparkles with the quiet knowledge, wit and warmth of Charles M Schulz’s unforgettable characters. Musical numbers include The Big Bow-Wow, Don’t Be Anything Less (Than Everything You Can Be), Just One Person, plus four new numbers for this revised version of the original production

Other Information: Rehearsal Dates: Sundays 2.00pm-6.00pm, Tuesdays 7.30pm-10.00pm, Thursdays 7.30pm-10.00pm. Rehearsals start Sunday 19th August. 

Performance Dates: Friday 9th to Saturday 24th November 2018 

Audition Requirements 
If auditioning for any role other than Woodstock: 

Please prepare two contrasting songs – one to make us laugh, one to make us cry. An audition pianist will be available. Sheet music must be well presented and in the keys you intend to sing. You may be asked to stop before you have finished your songs so please choose appropriate starting points. No backing tracks. 

Please prepare a one-minute monologue or poem, existing or original, to be presented in the style of the character you are auditioning for. 

Please bring a recent headshot and (optional) resume of relevant experience. 

If auditioning for the role of Woodstock: 

Please prepare one light-hearted song or poem. An audition pianist will be available. Sheet music must be well presented and in the key you intend to sing. 

Please prepare a one-to two-minute mime/dance to tell us a story. 

Please bring a recent headshot and (optional) resume of relevant experience. 

Dance audition: 

All auditionees who attend a call-back will be required to participate in a dance and movement audition. This will incorporate movement-based acting skills, as well as a choreographed combination and some technical tapping (of intermediate level). 

The dance requirements for this show involve high energy, fast-paced movements and an ability to characterize through movement. There is a moderate level of technical jazz and tapping (flexibility is not a focus so much as agility and coordination). 

Auditionees of all levels of dance experience are encouraged to audition. Beginner level dancers should focus on demonstrating character and energy – bring a positive attitude into the room and give everything a go. We will consider anyone that shows a potential to work hard and upskill throughout the rehearsal process. 

All auditionees should bring the following to the Dance & Movement call-back: 


Wear gym/activewear that you can move in 

Women may bring chorus heels and jazz shoes, or runners 

Men may wear jazz shoes or runners 

Bring tap shoes if you own them 

No jeans, skirts, sandals, thongs or bare feet 


Wednesday 8 August, 2018
Thursday 9 August, 2018
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