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About the Course

Drama With A Difference is one of Australia's leading, independent drama schools. With a history that spans more than twenty years, it is the launching pad of many successful Australian actors. Our students and past students have appeared in major roles and guest roles in high profile feature films, endless television series for the ABC and commercial networks, advertisements and professional theatre productions. 

This course will include a four hour workshop with Alison Barrett- one of Australia's leading, casting consultants. This will take place on Saturday 16 December, where an additional 2 hours will be spent answering any questions about the acting industry.

This is a screen acting course, where students will be taught the various techniques of acting for Film and TV. At the end of the 9 week course, interested participants will have the option of having the best of their work edited into a professional showreel for promotional purposes within the industry. The edited showreel is not an essential part of our course, and it must be emphasised that the choice to create a showreel will involve an additional (extremely reasonable) fee. We will send you to an organisation we know that has broadcast quality cameras and a professional editing suite. They will also create your showreel in a MP3 format, so that you can upload it on the internet, and have the capacity to supply the link to agents and casting directors.

For students who are aspiring actors, a showreel is an essential part of an actor's toolkit. Very few establisehd agents will take on an actor whose work they have not seen, and even in the event that the showreel does not result in obtaining a great agent, the website link will prevail as one that you can direct casting agents to for future work, through self- representation. All of this will be explained throughout the course, which will involve question and answer sections, as well as a list of potential agents and casting agents to approach at the conclusion of the course.

Each student will be given a scene and a monologue to work on throughout the course, and have the opportunity of seeing their work on camera for the purposes of improvement. It is this scene and monologue that would then be used in the showreel; thereby giving students  the edge of having scenes filmed that have been thoroughly directed and worked on over a period of 10 weeks. 

The course also involves certain sessions that will be run by casting consultants and / or agents, who will give feedback on each student's work. There is also a day long, weekend session that will involve four hours of tuition and guidance by one of Australia's leading casting agents. 

The showreel aspect of the course is optional. Many students may wish to simply attend the 10 week screen acting course, and elect not to have a showreel made. 

The course is a must for any aspiiring actor, however it is also open to those who do not necessarily wish to become actors. It will serve as a great tool for people who need to talk in front of others in the work-place, or whose work involves a lot of face to face communication. That is because students will gain a great insight into how they come across to others through viewing themselves on camera. 

It is also a great course for anyone who is interested in Film and TV acting, and who might wish to attend out of curiosity or for reasons of personal development.

How To Apply

There is a booking link on the url supplied in the APPLY ONLINE section.


Verbal - as the course continues. Those wanting written appraisal will obtain this.


Certificates will be handed to interested parties who require this

Career Outcomes

Acting- Many of our students have gone on to become professional actors, but we offer no guarantees in terms of employment, as this is impossible to do in this industry.

Course Requirements

Enthusiasm, interest in acting, commitment to learning the craft of Film and TV acting. Interest in either an acting career or for personal, professio


None. This course is open to beginners and to those with some previous training. We have over twenty years experience in integrating people of varying levels into our courses

Work Placement

Many of our students have gone on to become professional actors, but we offer no guarantees


  • Screen acting techniques. Script work. Industry advice

Career Opportunities

  • Actors - There is the possibility of acting jobs in Film and Television coming out of this course; this is especially so for people interested in having a showreel made.


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