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Developing Your Voice

Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

About the Course

The Joan Autumn Holiday Theatre Workshops (15 – 17 years)

This April’s Autumn School Holiday Workshops at The Joan provide specialised theatre making workshops for young performing artists around the Penrith region.

Date and Times

  • Tuesday, Apr 24 2018 9:00am


This April’s Autumn School Holiday Workshops at The Joan provide specialised theatre making workshops for young performing artists around the Penrith region. It’s an excellent opportunity for young artists to dive deep into their imaginations and explore new techniques in performing arts creation, as well as sharing the experiences with new friends in the April school holidays.

PROGRAM: Developing Your Voice, Ages 15-17

One day course, Tuesday 24 April

Teaching artist Linda Nicholls-Gidley returns to The Joan with vocal techniques to expand young artists range and expression for the stage. This full-day workshop includes two sessions:

  • Accents For Acting (AM), providing the students simple systems of vocal practice they can apply to acquiring an accent, a skill required of many actors in roles spanning the world’s cultures and periods throughout history.
  • Sensory Exploration of Sound (PM), this ground-breaking new workshop will provide young artists with a visceral sensory exploration of the sounds that we make, explore how we can make them safely so as not to push our voices harmfully, yet make amazing sounds emerge through kinaesthetic, aural, visual and olfactory exercises.

Fees: $60 for 1-day package

9am – 9.30am                       Registration

9.30am – 11am                     Accents for Acting Pt 1

11am – 11.15am                   Water Break

11.15am – 12.30pm              Accents for Acting Pt 2

12.30pm – 1pm                     Lunch Break

1pm – 2.30pm                       Sensory Exploration of Sound Pt 1

2.30pm – 2.45pm                  Water Break

2.45pm – 4pm                       Sensory Exploration of Sound Pt 2

4pm – 4.10pm                        Exit, Parents arrive and collect children 

Important Information

Who are the workshops for?

The Joan Holiday Theatre Workshops are for young artists aged 8 to 17 years who have some previous experience with theatre. Please take into consideration that the majority of students who attend these workshops have been participating in theatre or drama classes for at least one year.

Who will be teaching the workshops?

The Joan engages professional teaching artists with years of experience as practitioners and as teachers with a passion for teaching young people. Many have performed with professional and independent theatre companies across the state, the nation and internationally. Sharing their expertise and unique style, teachers along with our class assistants will provide support and guidance to all students.

What do I wear?

Wear casual theatre rehearsal wear, something that you already have and feel comfortable in eg. dance tights and top, leotard and tights with skirt or shorts over the top, or track pants and t-shirt/singlet top. Comfortable close-toed shoes are required.

What do I bring?
Please bring your own lunch, snacks and your own bottle of water. Students with any allergies should take appropriate precautions.


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