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Arts and Music (Bachelor Degree / Bachelor Degree)

Monash University

About the Course

Polish your talent for music theory and practice while exploring the arts humanities and social sciences.

You will receive a rigorous, high-quality tertiary music education, specialising in performance, composition, creative music technology, or ethnomusicology and musicology. In Arts you can draw flexibly from a rich repertoire of 40 majors and minors.

You may like to concentrate on the history, culture or language of the music you're playing, or add to your career flexibility with music through theatre, performance, film or journalism.

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This course leads to two separate degrees:

  • the Bachelor of Arts, and
  • the Bachelor of Music.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course (see Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music) and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either field separately or to combine the two in your chosen work.

As a graduate with a degree in Arts and another in Music you could pursue a career in the arts sector, performance, music instruction or composing, or in interdisciplinary roles, such as production, arts management, policy or coaching.


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