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Education and Music (Bachelor Degree (Honours) / Bachelor Degree)

Monash University

About the Course

In this course you will advance your music skills, engage with the historical, creative, technical and cultural aspects of music, broaden your perspectives on music in the world, and lay the foundations for a highly rewarding career sharing all of this with children and young people as they in turn engage with music.

This double degree course will prepare you to teach in primary or secondary schools and beyond.  Students specialising in secondary education will qualify as specialist music teachers, while students specialising in primary education will be qualified to teach across the school curriculum but with invaluable specialist expertise in music, making them in great demand.

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This course leads to two separate degrees. Depending upon your specialisation, you will be awarded one of:

  • the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary Education, or
  • the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education,

and also

  • the Bachelor of Music.

You will gain all the benefits of each degree course (see Bachelor of Education (Honours)/Bachelor of Music) and be fully equipped to pursue a career in either Education or Music separately.

In music you will develop broad knowledge and will also specialise in one of performance, composition, ethnomusicology and musicology, or creative music technology. You will have a high quality music education, coached to capitalise on your creative potential and to excel, and you will learn how to provide the same for your future students.  Your education studies will provide knowledge of how children and young people learn and are taught both generally and in music, and also the skills needed to develop and implement effective learning experiences in music.

You will graduate ready to inspire young people in classrooms, and in rewarding environments beyond the classroom including choirs, instrumental ensembles, school and community productions, and therapeutic settings.

You will also be able to think independently about the issues surrounding music performance and promotion in the school and community.


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