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Community to create theatre from everyday stories

The Armidale community will transform its everyday stories into theatre this month at a free workshop to be led by director and actor Alex Robson.

The workshop is the next stage of the Australia Council funded community arts project Private Posts which invited the whole community to create a postcard beginning with the prompt “I wish I’d told you …”

According to Alex, the postcards are a beautiful collage of many individual reflections. There are glimpses of deeply personal stories, insights into long-held regrets or lost love, some dreams and fantasy and a few humorous quips. Then there are stories from the everyday that resonate because of their familiarity.

“The New England Writers’ Centre led writing workshops to create a community story inspired by words and images on the cards. Themes had emerged that reflect many shared experiences,” Alex said. “My role now is to take the project to the next stage by facilitating a theatrical process using individuals’ reflections and the shared story as inspiration.”

On Saturday 3 December, Alex will lead a day of improvising and devising, culminating in a film shoot in the Drama studio at the University of New England. He will draw on his experience to mentor a cross-section of actors and emerging actors through the workshop.

Alex has an honours degree in theatre studies, is well-known as the co-founder of Felt Tip Theatre Company, and has recently returned from studying Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

“The workshop is suitable for performers over 14 years of age. It is a professional development opportunity for some of the more seasoned actors in the community and a chance for them to share their expertise. At the same time, it gives emerging actors a forum to develop new skills,” said Alex. “By bringing a group of creative people together in one place, with some inspiration and a part to play in the process of a bigger project, something interesting will happen!”

The workshop, the third stage of the multi-arts project Private Posts, will include Improvisation, Theatre Sports, Acting, Building Characters and Play Building. Through the process a series of theatrical ‘portrait’ pieces will be created, performed and recorded.

The filmed outcomes will feature as projections in a multi-platform installation at the New England Regional Art Museum opening on 10 February 2017. They will then have an ongoing virtual presence online.

To book a place in a workshop go to

Private Posts is a multi-layered Community Arts and Cultural Development project created by Project pARTners and managed in partnership with Beyond Empathy with the support of the Australia Council, New England Writers’ Centre, New England Regional Art Museum, University of New England, Locals4Locals and Armidale Regional Council.

'This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.'


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