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Exploring masculinities through creative writing & dance

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

About the Course

Tuggeranong Arts Centre is inviting the Canberra community to abandon preconceived ideas of masculinity and re-examine simplistic notions of what it means to be man, or woman - to be masculine, or feminine in Femme to be Masc.

Regardless of our gender identities, we all portray masculine and feminine qualities and behaviours daily. In a one-day workshop and performance project for writers and dancers, Tuggeranong Arts Centre invites people of any background or identity, to consider and explore masculinities.

CEO Rauny Worm says the workshop participants will be encouraged   – to move beyond clichés.

“The day will start as a group brainstorming session – recalling, analysing, and deconstructing popular ideas of masculinity. The participants will then split into two groups to develop creative responses to those discussions,’ Ms Worm said.

For dancers, choreographer Max Burgess will teach the key elements of the hip hop style ‘Femme’ and work with the participants to develop short movement pieces for the evening’s public performance.

Taking its cue from voguing, Femme is a style of hip-hop that has its roots in the Harlem ballroom scene of the 1980s and American drag culture. Often featuring men performing in heels, Femme challenges stereotypes of masculinity and femininity and is characterised by a highly exaggerated and stylised androgynous aesthetic.

Participants of the writing stream will work with Homer founding editor Ashley Thomson to develop short memoirs based on experiences of gendered expectation. Thomson will guide participating writers in developing concepts, strengthening ideas and expression, editing critically, and preparing their work for performance.

The project will culminate in an evening of dance and story sharing with participants from both workshops performing pieces developed throughout the day. The performance will be a free public event. It will be a chance to experience the ways in which words and bodies can transform our understandings of gender and identity.

Date: Saturday 25th March. Workshop: 10am-5pm (including rehearsals)

Cost: ‘Femme’ choreography with Max Burgess - $50pp / Memoir writing and Story performance with Ashley Thomson - $15pp.

Register for one of the workshop via this link:

Performance: 6pm-8pm. Cost: free entry.


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