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Get it into ya!

Zoe Wolfendale

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL: Tom Gleeson's theme for the evening was more local than some of his past shows; he entertained the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, with personal stories from his life.
Get it into ya!
I have seen Tom Gleeson on many a TV show of late (and heard him on the radio as I dip in and out of stations on my short trips around town) and was looking forward to seeing him live for the first time, well first time for me anyway. The long line of people outside the Victoria Hotel stood testament to his popularity, all looking eager and happy to be there. Once we all filed into the Banquet Room it was almost full and we were ready to go… Tom them arrived on stage with confidence and a cheeky smile. His confidence on stage most likely from many a year of performing, and it definitely made the experience a better one for the audience. His theme for the evening was more local than some of his past shows; he entertained the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, with personal stories from his life. Talking about his recent move to the country and life as a married man in his mid 30’s were not only enlightening but ever so slightly depressing…..especially so as I am in my mid 30’s and moving into married life, some of what may be ahead of me may make me think twice about the whole thing. I am not sure I can talk about central heating for almost an hour, without causing harm to myself or others around me. I laughed a lot, finding his wit to be intelligent and fast paced. Tom interacts well with the audience, asking questions and creating hilarious jokes around responses, some of which you just know have been done in one of his previous shows. Having been to some extremely well rehearsed and scripted comedy shows in the past I was not fussed with this aspect of Tom’s show, there is enough improvised responses to keep you on your toes. Out of all of Tom’s gags and commentary my favourite rant of his - he tends to rant - was about the iPhone. Being someone who agrees wholeheartedly with his comments I found myself laughing in just a slightly evil villain way and feeling like I had found a comrade in the iPhone debate. I just wish he had made a similar rant about 4wd’s in the city, then we could almost have been related. GET IT INTO YA! Is playing at the Victoria Hotel Banquet Room for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until the 18th April.

About the author

Zoë Wolfendale is a reviewer for ArtsHub.


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