Jennifer Wong: Laughable - The One-Liner Show

Isabelle Oderberg

Jennifer Wong's comedy is like a one-line improvisation set, with the creation of a story that includes multiple call-backs.
Jennifer Wong: Laughable - The One-Liner Show

Sydney-based Jennifer Wong says her favourite sound is groaning because her one-line pun-based comedy induces so many groans you think you’re in a room of cows, not humans.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the groans are accompanied by a serious number of laughs in Laughable: The One-Liner Show.

Basically Jennifer Wong’s comedy relies heavily on audience suggestion and is more like a one-line improvisation set, with the creation of a story that includes multiple call-backs.


Apparently Wong studied Classical Chinese and her language credentials are definitely on display with some really wonderful wordplay.

Think: ‘What did you have for lunch sir? A sandwich? I’m glad we could meat in the middle and discuss this.’

Wong also includes chunks of scripted material which lightly set off the improv and no doubt gives her the chance to rest her brain, which would have to be working tirelessly throughout the majority of the performance.

Wong has great comedy pedigree, having taken The One-Liner Show to the Edinburgh Fringe, and working as a writer on Good News Week and Can of Worms.

A true consummate professional, she’ll happily admit on stage when a pun hasn’t worked, which induces almost more laughter than when it does work.

One of the more frustrating things in the show is when she repeatedly says she has managed to catch herself before saying something ‘very wrong’. Aren’t they the best bits? Please Jennifer, give us a taste of the naughtier or more politically incorrect material!

Probably the most genius aspect of the set is the last section, where she (almost) seamlessly manages to grab all the different contributions along the storyline way and wrap them up together with new puns made- to-order.

This is a great show for anyone who works with words or who loves a good dad joke.

Wong is a likeable, talented improv and this show really is something different to see at the festival.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Laughable: The One-Liner Show
By Jennifer Wong

Forum Theatre, Flinders St
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
26 March - 20 April

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