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Natasha Hayes

A mixture of funk, hip hop and flamenco throughout.

Untapped at QPAC. Image via Raw Dance Company.

Raw Dance Company began in 1998 as Raw Metal, an all-male tap group based in Brisbane.  Since then – although still based in Brisbane – it is now known as Raw Dance Company that tours nationally and internationally, also offering dance education from a certificate to a diploma level.

The directors are Andrew Fee and Jack Chambers (yes, that Jack from the winner of Series one of So You Think You Can Dance and Singin’ in the Rain) which may have increased the number of people who now know about RAW Dance.


Although the show is called Untapped tapping is what the cast of five (three guys and two girls) do best – although there is a mixture of funk, hip hop and flamenco throughout.

Accompanying the dancers are musical director and drummer: Brendan Ramnath and Beat boxer: Genesis Cerezo and they both work their magic as much as the dancers do.

The cast have had many years of dance experience and it shows, working together as a team with banter in between or other times they perform as a solo or as duet.

There are no principal dancers in this company just amazing talent from each dancer.

Untapped don’t seem to have definite costumes per-say but more like street-cred wear: sweat tops, jeans, board shorts, bustier tops, flannelette shirts and of course tap shoes.

The stage is also basic and stripped; with construction like props in the background and highlighting of colour used for effect.

All members of the cast Untapped  including Brendan and Genesis interacted with the audience, although it was a small theatre they made enough noise to think there was more in the crowd (nice one guys!). Untapped was only an hour long performance which was disappointing as I would have liked to seen more.

Overall it was a fun night out with the all the performers making their skills look easy, with no look of confusion of what the next step should come next and the timing was spot, showcasing what a good performance should be.

Brisbane should be proud of the talent it has and be pleased it is showing the world.

Rating: 4 stars out 5


Raw Company
Cremorne Theatre, QPAC

Co-Choreographer/Director (not touring) Andrew Fee 
Co-Choreographer/Co-Director (not touring) Jack Chambers
Production Coordinator / Lighting & Set Design Geoff Squires
Tour Coordinator Ginner Whitcombe

What the stars mean?
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  • Four and a half stars: Excellent, definitely worth seeing
  • Four stars: Accomplished and engrossing but not the best of its kind
  • Three and a half stars: Good, clever, well made, but not brilliant
  • Three stars: Solid, enjoyable, but unremarkable or flawed
  • Two and half stars: Neither good nor bad, just adequate
  • Two stars: Not without its moments, but ultimately unsuccessful
  • One star: Awful, to be avoided
  • Zero stars: Genuinely dreadful, bad on every level

About the author

Natasha is a Brisbane based reviewer.