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Rodney. Missing.

Gordana Andjelic-Davila

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL: One man. One elephant... missing. One quest.... to find him. Cam Venn’s alter ego John Johnson is on a journey to find his best friend and fellow performer, Rodney the pachyderm.
Rodney. Missing.
One man. One elephant... missing. One quest.... to find him. Cam Venn’s alter ego John Johnson is on a journey to find his best friend and fellow performer, Rodney the pachyderm. As John Johnson (always referred to with first and last name) is one of two performers in this travelling street circus show, and John Johnston is unwilling to go solo, Rodney must be reincorporated into the act. Though Rodney is missing, John Johnson – like a true performer and trooper that he is – continued with the show... juggling, performing micro-magic and other physical comedy. He didn’t speak much, and had to do most everything in a mime sort of manner, which was easily understood by everyone in the audience (Charlie Chaplin once said that he resisted talking films – when they were first introduced - because he wanted the whole world to be able to understand his films without language). John Johnson at one point pretended that Rodney was there. He danced with the ‘invisible’ elephant, and even had a shower. At this point some audience members were asked to participate. I could see the eyes of my daughter lighting up, in hopes that she would be picked by John Johnston… again (she interacted with John Johnson at a previous performance)… she even wondered if he would remember her. Eventually John Johnson and his dear friend/partner Rodney were reunited… of course, we all knew this was going to happen, but it is the way they were brought back together though, which was cute, and made for a lot of happy smiles among the audience members. John Johnson (Cam Venn) is a delightful personality, tall, a ‘wire frame’ body type, with a bright ear-to-ear smile which radiates genuinely at his audience, of young and old, engaging them throughout his performance. At the end of the show, Cam interacted and posed for photos with the children leaving the performance space… it made my daughter’s day. It was almost as cool as if she had met Lady Gaga (her words). She had a huge smile on her face the entire drive home. Rodney. Missing. Part of the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL Date; 27 March - 11 April Times: Tue-Sun 2pm Duration: 45 minutes Venu: Melb Town Hall - Lower Town Hall Cnr Swanston & Collins Sts, Melbourne Season closed

About the author

Gordana Andjelic-Davila is an Arts Hub contributor based in Melbourne. Find her on Twitter @flyinggondola


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