Ginger and Tonic Desperate and Dateless

Sarah Adams

Ginger and Tonic's four members sure can pack a vocal punch.
Ginger and Tonic Desperate and Dateless

Ginger and Tonic's four members (not in order):  Jane Patterson, Laura Burzacott, Stefanie Jones and Danielle O'Malley. Image via Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Ginger and Tonic's four members sure can pack a vocal punch, but not only can these four divas carry a tune – they're pretty funny to boot. 

Desperate & Dateless sees these four single gals bemoan the perils of modern day dating – in a cappella of course – with the audience as their date. 


Opening with a cover of Dusty Springfield's 'Wishin' and Hopin'' (the single girl's anthem) the troupe, made up of Jane Patterson, Laura Burzacott, Stefanie Jones and Danielle O'Malley – then move into a mixture of straight up covers and satirical jaunts using popular songs as their base.

It would be remiss of any show poking fun at modern romance not to bring up popular dating app Tinder, and in this case the performers hit the nail on the head. Tinderella sung to the tune of Rihanna's 'Umbrella', is a definite show highlight.

Beaver – a story of one woman's transition into lesbianism sung to the tune of 'Fever' – was beautifully sung and hilarious at the same time. Blame it on the Booger – to The Jackson's 'Blame it on the Boogie' – was also an astute but fun insight into the weariness-inducing world of online dating. 

Interspersed with banter in between songs and a game show featuring audience participation, the show was well rounded and fun throughout. The genuine charisma of each of the performers also helped an act that clearly has musical ability at the top of their dating profile flex their comedy muscles as well.  

At times it felt as though Ginger and Tonic played it a little safe, and it would've been great to see these obviously talented women take their humour a little further into darker territory. However, as it stands these was a fabulously entertaining hour of musical comedy that will surely be enjoyed by anyone who has ever been single.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5


By GINGER AND TONIC (Jane Patterson, Laura Burzacott, Stefanie Jones and Danielle O'Malley)

Malthouse Theatre (30th March – 9th April)

As part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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