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The Attraction of Opposites


From the Middle Ages to the 20th Century, the Levant to Reformation Germany, The Song Company proves opposites attract.
The Attraction of Opposites

The radical left politics of Cornelius Cardew and the Reformation Protestantism of Martin Luther are just two of the contradictory streams that feed into The Song Company's 2017 program, The Attraction of Opposites.

With music made and moulded in Australia as well as sounds embedded in a shared global culture, the company is attempting to reconcile the clash of cultures and worldviews in sublime and unique vocalisations it describes as songs beyond words.

The Attraction of Opposites ​includes five mainstage concerts Accidental Plans is a graphic re-imagining of the life and death of experimental and Establishment-defying composer Cornelius Cardew; Sticks & Stones is a collaborative retelling of the stories of exile in the Levant and beyond; Forward & Bach is a reassessment of the musical effect of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation 500 years after Martin Luther’s protest in 95 Theses; Dreamers of the Day involves a non-stop dream-state chamber opera with four pianos on tape; and Lully, Lulla provides a medieval narrative of the Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors, source of the heartbreaking Coventry Carol.

There will also be pop-up programs include songs from the 1920s & 30s inspired by The Great Gatsby and P.G.Wodehouse’s inimitable duo Jeeves & Wooster, and a whistle stop tour through vocal history, The Arrow of Song.

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