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Drama With A Difference

Melbourne Fringe Festival Performance Course

Drama With A Difference is one of Australia's leading, independent drama schools. With a history that spans more than twenty-years, it is the launching pad of many successful actors. Our students have performed in major and guest roles in countless feature films, television series, ads and professional theatre productions.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival Performance Course offers students the ability to learn intensive acting techniques which they can then put into practice in front of a live audience in a major Melbourne Theatre Festival. 

The course is ideal for anyone who is at a stage in their career where they are looking for agency representation, greater exposure and the chance to hone their acting skills. Therefore, it is ideal for aspring actors. In fact, many of our success stories were first seen in one of our public performances. While we cannot make any promises regarding how this course will impact on your career, we can give you the names of some possible agents to invite to the show. The rest is up to you! What we can guarantee, is that you will come away from this course with better honed skills and a greater understanding of live-performance. 

It must be stressed that this is a fee paying course. However, the fee covers absolutely everything: The Festival Registration, theatre hire, advertising, insurance etc... In fact, the cost of this course is likely to be far less than if one were to mount their own Fringe Festival Course. All of that, without any of the stress or risk for the production side of things! This really is an ideal opportunity to take part in a major theatre festival under safe circumstances. 

However, we also welcome those who do not necessarily want to be actors; but who have a keen interest in understanding what actors "do". Recreational students will meet like-minded people, gain greater self-confidence, experience a great form of stress release and have a lot of fun! 

All the hours of this course are centred around an adult person's working life. We have a successful formula that integrates both those who wish to be professional actors, along with those who come for recreational purposes. We can pair people in terms of experience, so please don't let lack of experience stop you from doing this course. It has often times been the case that less experienced performers shine in ways that were at first unimaginable. We make sure that everyone gets a more or less equal time on stage. 

The course begins in early May, however early registration is recommended. This course always ends up with a waiting list. 

Students will begin by meeting for two and a half hours per week, learning some complex acting techniques under expert tuition. As time progresses, these techniques will be applied to the performance material for the festival itself. This will be done by focussing on some  pre-written scenes, as well as pair and group-devised ones (depending on the needs and wants of the students).

The theme for the production is "Extremities", and we will be performing material that shows people extreme situations. These might be ones of great joy, exhileration, and/ or sorrow and despair. The evening will have a mix of both. 

We enter the festival as an Adult Drama Class. Audiences are aware that performers have differing levels of experience. This is one of the reasons that many audiences return again and again to our shows. They enjoy seeing people be brave in front of an audience! 


Event starts
Tuesday 9 May, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 24 September, 2017
Council Street Studios
Venue Address
3 Council Street Clifton Hill

Melbourne, Melbourne

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