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Collusion's electric chamber ballet Desirelines

Desirelines are the improvised tracks created by people who defy the ways designed for them by others.

Seven musicians and dancers use gleaming stainless steel tracks to navigate a digitally animated landscape in this powerful melding of contemporary ballet and new chamber music.

In this original concept by musician Benjamin Greaves, Gareth Belling’s choreography is etched onto the performers by Susan Hawkins’ soaring original compositions, while Pete Foley’s animation maps a concrete visual landscape that floats with Leigh Buchanan’s whimsical costumes.

“This collaboration of live chamber music, contemporary dance and stage design is veritable soul food…” – Dancetrain Magazine

Finalist in the Australian Dance Awards 2016

"The packed audience was enthralled and cheered the troupe at the end. There were only three performances, but each one was sold out, which shows the popularity and need of modern dance and music. I would like to see more of them."
Eric Scott, AbsoluteTheatre 2015

"Desirelines is a testament to the combined vision of co-producers (and choreographer and violinist respectively) Gareth Belling and Benjamin Greaves, and to the professionalism of all the creatives involved that they were able to combine their various disciplines and personalities to create such a bewitching piece of live performance. To say it’s an achievement is an understatement."
Carrie McCarthy, Cultural Flanerie 2015

"Greaves, joined by Bentley and clarinettist Diana Tolmie, often dominated with the sheer force of their virtuosic performance of the especially composed pieces"
Dance Australia, 2015

"Highlights were the Sculthorpe violin solo Irkanda I and Ibert’s cello solo Ghirlazana (elegy), both Greaves and Bentley producing beautiful sound, with shimmering tremolo and bird-like harmonics in the Sculthorpe piece."
​XSEntertainMe 2015

Presented in partnership with Collusion.

Duration: 100 minutes
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Event starts
Wednesday 26 July, 2017
Event Ends
Thursday 27 July, 2017
Hawthorn Arts Centre
Venue Address
Hawthorn Arts Centre 360 Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC 3122

Melbourne, Melbourne

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