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My Prerogative by Josh RH Daveta

They never made Sister Act Three, so we bought you the next best thing.

Following on from his acclaimed first solo show Teenage Dreams, Brisbane native Josh RH Daveta has teamed up with Boutique Theatre to launch his next show-stopping cabaret My Prerogative at The Butterfly Club. Written and performed by Josh and accompanied by Butterfly Club favourite Stacey-Louise Camilleri, My Prerogative is inspired by, and features, songs from 90s favourites from Mariah Carey to R Kelly to Ginuwine.

Josh Daveta is flipping on the B-Side of his boom box, putting on his roller blades and rolling down to the Butterfly Club this May to bring you the the flyest 90s R’n’B hits since Lauryn Hill left "The Fugees". Josh is going to be channeling his best Fresh Prince spirit with the flare of Whoopi Goldberg and sing through some of the best the 90s had to offer.

Cross colours will be on show, overalls will be the staple item... you down with AOP? Yeah you know me!

“This show uses RnB classics from the 90s to tell all about life, love and relationships - and will probably reveal a thing or two about the audiences’ music tastes!” says Josh. Artistic Director Emma Caldwell adds “this is a hugely exciting collaboration for Boutique Theatre with our first work presented at the Butterfly Club and we’re sure that audiences will find Josh’s voice and stage presence as captivating and hilarious as we do!”

So get ready to Bump n Grind as Boutique Theatre gets Together Again with Josh RH Daveta to assure audiences that they’ll Always Be My Baby and eventually find a reason to mention The Thong Song.

Boutique Theatre is a Melbourne-based independent theatre company that creates work that is inventive, local, relevant, and disruptive. The company launched in 2012 and has since gone on to produce thirteen international and Australian works, whilst building an Ensemble and developing a Writers’ Program and Workshop Program. The company is currently in their 5th season, Bloodlines, which explores ancestry, growing up, family and history through a selection of Australian premiere works.


Event starts
Wednesday 31 May, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 4 June, 2017
The Butterfly Club
Venue Address
Carson Place, off Little Collins St

Melbourne, Melbourne

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