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Larrikin Ensemble Theatre


Imagine you are an Aussie student overseas, you speak German and are penniless, and are spending a winter's night on a railway square bench in a provincial German town waiting for the morning train out, accompanying an Australian woman, a family friend you barely know who can't speak German... would you go off with a stranger, a 'native' who can't speak English, to while away the night in expensive bars, translating their mutually incomprehensible utterances? You might - if you were seriously broke and had to get through the night somehow at someone's else's expense. But if this strange 'native' fell for the Aussie woman so hard he wanted to live with her back in Oz, and you had to interpret for them, and you thought they were both crazy, you might want to wind back the clock and say no. It would be farcical if it wasn't so... farcical...

Wolf Heidecker directs a one-hour comedy by Michael Healy, starring Victor Gralak, Nina Nicols and Aaron Allen.


Event starts
Wednesday 26 July, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 30 July, 2017
The Butterfly Club
Venue Address
Carson Place, off Lt Collins St, CBD

Melbourne, Melbourne

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