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Tinalley String Quartet

Tinalley String Quartet presents 'See Me As I Am' with pianist Daniel de Borah

The final program of Tinalley String Quartet’s 2017 Series, ‘See Me As I Am’ is a reflection of the intimacy of music, the heartfelt origins of compositions conceived deep within the composers soul but destined for greatness. 

Beethoven’s Opus 95 Quartet, entitled ‘Serioso’ opens the program and stands alone as the only quartet named by the composer himself.  As the title suggests, the compact work is imbued with a gravity and urgency of a serious nature.  Intended by Beethoven as never to be performed in public, the work is intensely personal, tightly coiled and breathless until the end, when the coda brings forth a lightness, the music literally ascends and the listener is enlightened. 

Pianist Daniel de Borah joins the Quartet for one of the most famed works of the chamber music repertoire, Shostakovich’s Piano Quintet.   The work was written at the request of the Beethoven Quartet, who commissioned the work with the idea that Shostakovich would collaborate with them as pianist. 

The Quartet’s 2017 Series was inspired by the words of Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy and it is fitting that we close the Series with a work which was so dear to Tolstoy’s heart… the celebrated writer reportedly was moved to tears upon hearing the exquisite 2nd movement of Tchaikovsky’s 1st String Quartet for the first time. 


Event starts
Tuesday 3 October, 2017
Event Ends
Tuesday 3 October, 2017
Melbourne Recital Centre
Venue Address
Sturt Street, Southbank

Melbourne, Melbourne

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