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La Mama


Thanks for joining us. It’s great to have your company, we really appreciate it. Got some classic hits coming your way to ease you through the day . . .

Roar of industrial sewing machines. Flood of FM radio. Music bursts you open and has its way with you on the factory floor.

As the tea bell shrieks, Whitney Houston turns up to help out and the boys from Aerosmith do what they can with the emotional heavy lifting.

I guess there’s just heaps of different people in the country now and that’s alright – that’s, that’s, that’s fine. As long as they, you know . . .

[Louise O’Dwyer] delightfully deadpan

– The Age

 . . . highly original, playful and slightly disturbing.

– Kate Kingsmill, Artshub (on Katherine Connolly)

Directed by Vanessa Chapple

Written by Katherine Connolly with development by director and cast.


Katherine Connolly

Louise O’Dwyer

Bruce Woolley

Jalen Holmes

Tim Ratcliffe

Live music performed by Georgia Spain

Set and Costume design by Pia Guilliatt

Technical design and operation by Tim Ratcliffe

Image by Michael Camilleri

Tickets Info
Full $30 Concession  $20

Phone Booking
03 9347 6142

To book online please see the La Mama website


Event starts
Thursday 8 February, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 18 February, 2018
La Mama Courthouse
Venue Address
349 Drummond St, Carlton

Melbourne, Carlton

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