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Performance, politics and participation collide in The People’s Table.
Filibuster take over Customs House once a month for City of Sydney’s Late Night Library series.

Democracy has had one too many drinks and it’s time for an intervention. Once a month, from August to November, Filibuster will host The People’s Table, presented as part of City of Sydney’s Late Night Library.

In Customs House, Reading Room, The People’s Table brings twelve diverse Sydney locals into conversation with one another. The conversation is prodded along by three of the most dynamic performance artists the Filibuster crew can find each month. Audiences are invited to watch as ‘the people’ grapple with the current state of Democracy and pull together a letter to help it kick the habit, getting clean and sober once and for all. Each People’s Table is curated around a theme, seeking to open up the conversation to the lovers, the haters, the unknowns and the confused.

“We’re making citizenship a spectacle.” Nick Atkins - on behalf of Filibuster

The First People’s Table is:

8pm, August 30 - People That Love to Vote
Upright citizens? Nosey Parkers? Nerds? People that Love to vote are just like you and me. They’re handing you a flyer, running for office or sautéing the onions on election-day. We’ve gathered twelve of them to sit around the People’s Table and hear from three of the most cynical artists we could find. Will their love of democracy fade away or will it fuse together and form a democratic rat king that roams the world spreading liberty and freedom? Find out at in August.

Curated Artists for the First People’s Table are:

Harriet Gillies - Harriet is a performance artist, theatre director and one half of the Sydney-based live art partnership zin. She has presented original work across Australia and has also worked in some leading Australian theatre companies.

Teik-Kim Pok – Teik-Kim is a performance-maker who’s live work has featured at numerous festivals such as Sydney’s Underbelly and Melbourne’s Next Wave and with companies as Performance Space, Urban Theatre Projects and Carriagework since 2002.

Christie Woodhouse – Christie works part-time running a choir and art drop-in at Shopfront Arts Co-op, facilitating and producing for Milk Crate Theatre, and spinning plates for all kinds of performance from interactive RSL and pub vaudeville soirees to improvisational dance and operatic mashups.

Filibuster is a next-generation political theatre company from performance-makers Nick Atkins, Ryan McGoldrick and Kevin Ng. We tell stories for the mini-masses in order to remember, re-mobilise and re-materialise the modern political mess.


Event starts
Wednesday 30 August, 2017
Event Ends
Wednesday 30 August, 2017

New South Wales, Sydney

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