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Wordshop: Making Poems For Maximum Audience Impact Workshop With Tug Dumbly

Firstly, the WORDshop will be hugely fun, immersive and interactive. Throughout, Tug will demonstrate a whole variety of his original poems in different styles, forms and meters – rhymed, unrhymed, funny, satirical, serious, rude, political, personal... Part of the aim is to show that poetry – or spoken word, or Slam! - is a broad church and is not sacred. You can write about ANYTHING in ANYWAY – there are so many forms and approaches.

The WORDshop will primarily focus on the performance of poems for a live audience – how do you capture, connect, engage? How do you SAY what you’ve written? What are some of the approaches? There will be a whole bunch of fun creative writing exercises, either alone, or in groups, and throughout the day participants will perform what they have written.

We’re not expecting genius or Shakesperian polish from these poems or performances (yet might get some!)… But the idea is to get the creative juices flowing, and to think about approaches to writing and creating and performing, and working out what you might actually want to say, that are not as daunting as they can often seem.

Writing and performing poetry can be a hugely cathartic, healing, emotion venting release, a way to get things off your chest, put things in context, help explain yourself and your world to both yourself and others. Plus it’s a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun than therapy with a shrink. Teenagers welcome to enrol.


Event starts
Wednesday 11 April, 2018
Event Ends
Wednesday 11 April, 2018
Workshop Arts Centre & Ewart Gallery
Venue Address
33 Laurel Street, Willoughby

New South Wales, Sydney

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