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Sydney Youth Orchestras (SYO)

Meet The Orchestra - Western Sydney Youth Orchestra

The conductor started with a tap tap tap and the strings began to sing la-la-la . Then the flutes joined in with a tootle toot too and the trumpets butted in with a pah-pa-rah-pa! And the sound of the drums shook the room with a boom, boom boom!!

Meet the Orchestra concerts are a wonderful way to introduce orchestral music to families and young children.

Performed by the SYO's Peter Seymour Orchestra, this relaxed and informal concert has been specially designed to be interactive, informative and most importantly, lots of fun! The SYO conductor, John Ockwell and SYO musicians will help guide children through the different wind instruments and their individual sounds.

Children are encouraged to join in. Stomp your feet to the timpani drum beat, clap your hands to the big, brass tubas, dance gently to the delicate flutes and wiggle along to the clarinet!

Young children are welcome at Sydney Youth Orchestra concerts. For all performances, children two years of age or older must have a ticket (even if the accompanying adult intends to sit the child on his/her knees).


Event starts
Saturday 1 September, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 1 September, 2018
Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub
Venue Address
106-108 Macquarie Rd, NSW 2777

New South Wales, Sydney

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