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Human Services. A new comic opera

What do you do if a government department just showed up at your home and started running your life? Human Services is a new comic opera that may help you find the answer.

Human Services is the latest in a long and proud tradition of shows that take the mickey out of the bureaucratic state. Writer and composer William James Smith has taken the classical musical style of operatic satirists Gilbert and Sullivan and updated it with modern subject matter that wouldn’t go astray on the TV series Yes Minister or Utopia. Politicians, the media, academics, the medical profession, support workers and the tax-paying public all come in for a roasting.

This production, originally presented by the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of WA,with direction by Will Smith and choreography from Kimberly Hill will keep the show popping as you guffaw your way through 50 melodious minutes. The dozen (or so) original songs are sung by a spectacular accompaniment from Ben Chia.

Director: William James Smith.

Choreographer: Kimberley Hill.

Assistant-musical Director: Ben Chua.


Belinda Cox.

Rebecca Tynas.

Wesley Williams.

Rowan Swarbrick.

Emily Schinkel.

Kimberley Hill.

Andrew Tuckey.

William Smith.

Stella De Oliveira.

David Woods.


Event starts
Saturday 27 January, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 28 January, 2018
Perth Town Hall
Venue Address
Corner of Hay and Barracks Street, Perth.

Perth, Perth

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