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Tura New Music


Tickets on sale at Perth Theatre Trust

Festival Composer in Residence Anne LeBaron presents a program of solo and ensemble works including collaborations with Perth artists.

Anne LeBaron’s compositions embrace an exotic array of subjects encompassing vast reaches of space and time, ranging from the mysterious Singing Dune of Kazakhstan, to probes into physical and cultural forms of extinction, to legendary figures such as Pope Joan, Eurydice, Marie Laveau, and the American Housewife. Widely recognized for her work in instrumental, electronic, and performance realms, she has earned numerous awards and prizes. Also an accomplished harpist, LeBaron is renowned for her pioneering methods of developing and implementing extended harp techniques, electronic enhancements, and notation in compositional and improvisational contexts. She currently teaches composition and related subjects, such as Concert Theater and HyperOpera, at the California Institute of the Arts.

Anne LeBaron's darkly mysterious, troubling yet weirdly exuberant and wonderfully performed new opera CRESCENT CITY...(Los Angeles Times)

Another lasting impression is how perfectly composer Anne LeBaron’s score for the SILENT STEPPE CANTATA evoked the spirit of the traditional instruments the orchestra played...captivating and classy. (Tengri News)

LeBaron’s score, POPE JOAN, for mixed ensemble brilliantly evokes an imagined medievalism. (Gramophone)

Part of the 13th Totally Huge New Music Festival.


Event starts
Friday 27 October, 2017
Event Ends
Friday 27 October, 2017
Subiaco Arts Centre
Venue Address
180 Hammersley Rd, Subiaco, WA 6008

Perth, Subiaco

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