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More Bradshaw's Shadows

For Richard Bradshaw, puppetry has been a hobby since 1952 and full-time since 1969.  Although he has directed shows with different kinds of puppets, he specialises in shadow puppetry.  Jim Henson saw shows in France in 1972 and the U.S.A. in 1974.   He invited Richard to perform in The Muppet Show and in 1984 came to Sydney to make a documentary on Richard’s work.  Richard was awarded an OAM in 1986 and shared a Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award in 1987. A DVD has been on sale in Germany since 2004 and his Guide to Shadow Puppets was published in Canada in 2015.  In 2016 Richard performed in Turkey and Taiwan and led a workshop for professional puppeteers in Connecticut.

Bradshaw’s Shadows, a revue of shadow-puppet skits, is internationally renowned ––  and it’s a gem that should be required viewing for anyone wishing to act or direct in the theatre.” 

­……Eileen Blumenthal in AMERICAN THEATRE [N.Y.] September, 2008.

“Bradshaw is especially noted as a master of shadow puppetry and is probably Australia’s  most widely-recognised and acclaimed international puppeteer...”  

…….Peter J. Wilson and Geoffrey Milne in (Sydney:  Currency Press, 2004) p.7

“Really successful contemporary shadow shows are few and far between.  The most famous and completely successful is probably that of Richard Bradshaw, an Australian with a keen sense of humour and a gift of presentation which has brought him international fame.” 

……John Wright in Rod Shadow and Glove (London: Robert Hale, 1986), p.149 

"There have been some outstanding Australian puppeteers since the pioneering days of Joan and Betty Rayner, of the Australian Children’s Theatre, but few have entertained so many with such engaging simplicity as has Richard Bradshaw."

 …… David Hough in The West Australian, April 14, 2008.


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Sunday 9 July, 2017
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Sunday 9 July, 2017
La Mama Courthouse
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349 Drummond St, Carlton

Victoria, Melbourne

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