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Geelong Performing Arts Centre

Bakersfield Mist

Is the true value of art in the eyes of the beholder? Maude (Julie Nihill), an unemployed bartender, has bought a painting for a few bucks from an opp shop. Despite almost trashing it, she now thinks its a Jackson Polock worth millions. In fact she's certain it is. But when world-class expert, Lionel Percy (John Wood), flies over from New York and arrives at her trailer park home in Bakersfield to authenticate the painting, he really has no idea what he's about to discover. 

Based on a true story, Bakersfield Mist is a comedy set in the present day.

"Inspired by true events, this sparkiling and colourful new comedy-drama asks vital questions about what makes art and people truly authentic" - The Telegraph.


Event starts
Wednesday 16 August, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 19 August, 2017
Geelong Performing Arts Centre
Venue Address
50 Little Malop St

Victoria, Geelong

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